What You Should Know About Drywood Termites

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You may not be aware that there are multiple kinds of termites. The most common termite people think of are the kind that chew moist wood and are often found near water. These are called dampwood termites and are the most common of all the termites out there. Another kind you should be concerned about are drywood termites due to how they can damage your home.

They're Found In Attics

The attraction to moisture is one way that drywood and dampwood termites are very different. The latter is often found in a basement because of the moisture levels being better for the pest. Meanwhile, Drywood termites behave the opposite way and want a place that is dry. That is why you will often find drywood termites in an attic rather than the basement.

If your only association with termites have been the dampwood variety, you may not even think of checking your attic for termite damage. Unfortunately, that is exactly where the drywood termites could be hiding.

They Leave Behind Wings

One way that drywood termites are different is how they shed their wings. It can actually help you find evidence of the termites in your home, since they leave behind wings when finished mating. They have the appearance of thin paper, and often are found in piles with other wings. Check for them near places where the termites could get into the attic.

They Make A Lot Of Noise

Sometimes you'll hear drywood termites before you see them. They are known to make an odd clicking sound, which they use to communicate to other termites that there's danger nearby or that food has been discovered. The clicking may sounds like a clock, but you'll know it's termites due to the inconsistent sound pattern.

They Cause A Lot Of Damage

Drywood termites are one pest you do not want to ignore due to all the damage they are able to cause. They won't cause damage to a foundation, but they will damage the attic. The drywood termites could weaken beams that support your home and the roof, or create aesthetic damage to ceilings beneath the attic.

There is not a simple DIY solution to drywood termites. This is a job that you'll need to call a professional pest exterminator to take care of for you. With their expertise, they will help ensure that any termites in your attic are gone for good. Check out sites like https://www.bugbusterssc.net/ for more information.