Call In A Pest Removal Expert When You Have A Roach Infestation

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Roaches are very common household pests. You can have these annoying bugs even if you keep a clean house. Once they invade your home, they can be difficult to get rid of since pesticides aren't always effective on them, especially the products you buy at a home improvement store. The best way to deal with these pests that are a constant threat is to hire a pest control service to remove them when you have them and to treat your home regularly to keep them away. Here are some tips for controlling roaches in your home.

Plug Gaps From The Outdoors

While roaches often ride home in shopping bags and other things you bring in from the outside, they also come in your house from the outdoors. Roaches love damp environments, and if you have wet mulch around plants near your house, there's a good chance roaches are hiding there. While they aren't necessarily harmful outdoors, they become a problem when they wander into your house at night when they're active. You can keep them outside by plugging access holes with caulk and by closing gaps under your doors.

Fix Leaky Plumbing

Once roaches are inside your home, they may decide they like the environment if you have a dripping pipe under the sink or some other leak that keeps part of your home damp. If they have a comfortable place to live and a steady supply of food, the roaches will move in and multiply quickly. Soon, you'll have an infestation on your hands. You may not even realize it right away since roaches are active at night while you sleep.

Use Pest Control Products

Removing roaches may take several approaches. The pest control company you hire may use liquid pesticide that kills the roaches when they contact it. Some pesticides have a residual effect that lasts for a few months to keep killing the bugs. In addition, there are a few home treatments you can try. Talk to the exterminator first to make sure your efforts don't interfere with more effective pesticides. You can try baits that roaches carry back to their nest or you could put down glue traps to physically catch the bugs so you can throw them out. The drawback to these methods is that you have bait traps or glue traps sitting around your house that your pets might bother or that just look ugly.

You could also try using boric acid or diatomaceous earth to kill the roaches. These are both white powders that can kill the bugs, and as long as the powder stays dry, it lasts a long time. The key is to apply it in a very thin layer or the roaches will just avoid walking into the powder. The drawback is that you have the powder around your home that animals and kids can bother.

You'll probably want to avoid using spray pesticide or bombs you can buy at the store because those can contaminate your home and it may not be worth the risk since the products may not work very well. Instead, work with an exterminator like those at JD Termite & Pest Control Company to come up with a plan that removes your infestation quickly and then works over the long term to keep the roaches from coming back.