Interesting Facts About German Roaches That May Help You Control Them

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Did you know that German roaches are not German at all? In fact, roaches of this sub-species would most likely avoid Germany, given the freezing temperatures in this country in winter. Except for houses and restaurants where it would be easy to over-winter, you are not likely to find a German roach there. Here are a few other interesting facts about German roaches, which may help you control these pests.

Foraging for Food at Night

If you are not certain that you have a cockroach problem, try turning the lights out in your kitchen and waiting in the next room for a couple of hours. Then go to the kitchen, flick on your lights and open all of the cupboards. German roaches will not come out to forage for food until it is dark and they will not be disturbed as they scuttle along. The minute the lights hit them, they will run like crazy for the nearest hidey-hole. If you spot even one German roach, you have a problem.

However, once you have confirmed that you have a roach problem, you can fix it. Place super-sticky bait sheets along the edges of your cupboards, and place a bit of old bread on each sticky trap. Just like fly traps, the roaches will head for the food and get stuck. Make sure nothing else is left out for them to eat so that you can get the roaches to go for the baited traps.

Killing Roaches on Sight

Roaches are notoriously difficult to kill. This is because they are able to flatten their bodies all the way to the floor when you attempt to step on them. However, the particular weakness of German roaches makes them easy targets.

Keep a spray container of liquid nitrogen in your kitchen. This stuff is extremely cold and is used to kill viruses and surgically remove lesions, so you know it will kill a roach. German roaches absolutely hate the cold, so if you blast one with a cryo-gun filled with liquid nitrogen, that roach is as good as dead. One simple squirt on the back of a German roach and it is done for.

Put Lights in ALL the Cupboards

Roaches do not like light. If you put LED cupboard lights in all of the cupboards. The LEDs are consistently cool to the touch and do not provide any heat for the roaches to cozy up to. With light constantly shining in all of your cupboards, the roaches have to go elsewhere to forage for food at night.