Pest Control 101: 4 Small Signs You're Sharing Your Home With Rodents

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Rats and mice may be cute in pet store displays; however, they are less appealing when the infiltrate your home. Rodents can cause all sorts of damage to your home. They can also be potentially hazardous to your health. So how do you know if you're sharing your home with rodents? Here are four small signs.

1. Chewing or Tooth Marks

Rodents, such as a mice and rats, have a tendency to chew on things. If you believe you have a rodent problem, be on the lookout for gnaw marks throughout your home. Doorways, drawers, and even walls may all show signs of chewing if you have a rodent problem.

If you do find gnaw marks, check the color. Fresh chewing will usually have a lighter color. However, older gnaw marks may appear darker as dirt and debris settles into the crevices. Darker chew marks may indicate that your home had a rodent problem in the past, though it no longer does. Still, you might want to look for additional signs to determine if you have rodents in your home.

2. Foot Prints or Tracks

Another sign that you have rodents living in your home is foot prints or tracks. As rodents move throughout your home, they may leave trails. These trails will usually look a bit dirty, as grease and urine are being tracked throughout. Along the trails, you may also notice rodent droppings, which is a sure sign that your home is infested with rodents.

3. Nests

Indoor rodents, such as mice, will usually make nests to live in. These nests will be constructed from whatever materials the rodents can find. However, paper or string is the most common. Nests are usually located out of sight, so you may need to search for them.

You can usually find nests in secluded areas of your home. However, nests may also be hiding just out of sight in corners, drawers, or even behind your garbage can. So if you believe you have rodents, look for nests.

4. Holes in Food Packages

Finally, holes in food packages may be indicative of a rodent infestation. Since the rodents will need to chew through the packaging to get to the food, it will usually have small holes. The holes may be apparent in human food; however, the holes may also be hidden on pet food bags. So if you think you have a rodent problem, search your food (and animal food) packaging for holes.

While droppings and odd noises are obvious signs of a rodent infestation, they aren't the only signs. If you believe you have rodents living in your home, be on the lookout for these signs as well. If you do find any of these signs, contact a rodent control service in your area for help.