Damaged Clothes But No Sign Of Moths? Could Be Silverfish

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If you noticed holes in some of your clothing, curtains, and other fabrics, you might think that you have a moth problem. But if you don't see any signs of moths in the home, look for silverfish instead. Silverfish can and will feed on fabrics. The pests can be destructive. Here's more information about the silverfish bug and what you can do to eradicate them from your home.

How Bad Are Silverfish?

Although silverfish generally live outdoors in soil and gardens, the pests can inhabit homes as well. When the pests venture indoors, they usually seek out places with moisture and darkness, such as your bathroom sink cabinets. But silverfish can travel to other locations during the night to find food, such as your bookcases, closets, and furnishings.

Silverfish thrive on items that contain cellulose, sugar, and starches, including paper and cotton. The pests can create holes in your items as they consume them. Sometimes, the bugs leave behind feces that resembles pepper, as well as a yellowish secretion. 

Silverfish can reproduce quickly by laying multiple eggs in their hiding spots. The eggs can increase the pest population and destruction in your house. To protect your clothing and eliminate your silverfish problem, take action now.

How Do You Treat Your Silverfish Problem?

Silverfish usually come out at night to feed, so you might not have an opportunity to catch the pests in the act. In addition, store-bought pest control baits usually only kill individual bugs. You want to eradicate all of the silverfish and their eggs in your home with professional pest control services.

Pest control will generally inspect areas of the house that silverfish hide, such as your kitchen, basement, and air conditioning closet. The specialists may place baits that attract and kill multiple silverfish at once. Specialists may also use treatments that destroy silverfish eggs.

After the treatments eliminate the pests in your home, you can take steps to keep them out of it. One of the things you might do is clean up any water or damp locations in your home. Also, repair your leaky faucets and plumbing pipes as soon as possible. If you keep plants in the house, monitor them for excess moisture. Silverfish can hide in damp soil.

Don't let silverfish destroy your clothing and other valuables. Contact a local pest control company for a thorough evaluation of your home and possible treatment today.