Tips To Avoid A Bed Bug Infestation After Traveling

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If you are concerned about the possibility of bringing bed bugs into your home when you travel on vacation, then you are right to be concerned. Since bed bug infestations are on the rise and eradicating them is so challenging, the best thing you can do is to prevent them from ever gaining access into your home. To this end, follow these tips to avoid a bed bug infestation after your future vacations:

Tip: Set Your Luggage Only on Luggage Racks

Since your luggage is a target for bed bugs and their eggs when it is in your hotel room, you should take a lot of care where you place it. You should never set your bags on the bedspread of your bed, because if bed bugs are present, then they could attach themselves to your luggage. These bedbugs and their eggs will then drop off of your bags when you are home, infesting your place. Instead, always place your bags on the luggage rack in your hotel room.

Tip: Unpack Your Luggage Outside and Immediately Wash Your Clothing

When you arrive back home, consider unpacking your bag outside and then storing your luggage outside for a few days to ensure there are no living bugs on it. Immediately wash and dry all of your clothing because your dryer is hot enough to kill any bed bugs and their eggs.

Tip: Use Hard-Style Luggage 

You can also use hard-style luggage to prevent bed bugs from traveling with you. Hard luggage is less porous and gives bed bugs fewer places to hide. When you get home, always wipe your luggage down with a soapy rag.

Tip: Inspect Your Hotel Room for Signs of Bed Bugs

Before you sleep in the bed in your hotel room, take a moment to inspect the room for bed bugs and their eggs. Check the headboard, mattress cover, mattress seams, and the box spring for small black bugs. If you see bugs, leave the room immediately.

Tip: Call a Professional at the First Signs of a Home Infestation of Bed Bugs

Finally, if you believe that your home may have a bed bug infestation after you return from vacation, then it is vital that you contact a professional pest control company. The treatment provided by a pest control company is the only reliable way to rid your home of your unwanted travelers from your last trip.