Keeping Your Business Free Of Unwanted Pests

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Rodents, insects, and other pests are never good but having them around your business can turn customers off and they may not want to come to see what you have to offer. In the case of a food business, uncontrolled pest issues can lead to someone one getting sick from tainted food or other product.

Rats and Rodents Around the Dumpster

One common problem that food service businesses often face is rats and other small rodents around the dumpsters. Waste is thrown into the dumpster and the animals come looking for a meal. They will return over and over once they find out there is a source of food there.

The best way to get rid of them is with large boxes that the rat can go in but the meal waiting for them is rat poison and they will die inside the box. The trap can then be disposed of and a new trap laid out for the next rat to come along. In some places, the building may be lined with these traps but in most cases, one or two near the dumpster is all that you will need.

Interior Pest Control

Quite often pest control needs to be applied inside the property as well. A commercial pest control company can come out and spray inside before or after business hours so they do not affect normal business. Depending on the type of bugs they are praying for, the exterminator will spray all the way around the outside wall and in any spots they feel could be a safe haven for pest of any kind.

Most modern sprays are safe enough to use when people are there but the pest control company will not want to disrupt your ability to conduct business. You will need to discuss the time options with them when setting up to have the property treated and may find that they only need a few minutes to get the job done.

Cost of Pest Control

While having your commercial property treated regularly for pests is going to add another bill to the operation, it is also going to make your business a nice, clean environment for your customers or clients. The cost of not taking care of the pests might be in customer loss and word of mouth can really hurt your business. Keep the business clear and pest free and in the long run, you will see the cost offset by happy customer and happy employees.

Contact a commercial pest control company for more help.