Clearing Out An Infestation Of Mice

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Has seeing one mouse running around your house turned into numerous of the pests taking over? The problem might stem from there being something in your house that mice are attracted to. For instance, mice are always searching for a meal or materials to build their nests with. If conquering the infestation of rodents has proven to be difficult to accomplish on your own, you likely need to bring in an exterminator for the task. Browse through the information below to learn what might need to be done before your house is finally free from rodents.

Close Off Possible Entry Points into Your House

Before anything else is done to exterminate mice, it is important to make it difficult for more of them to enter your house. An exterminator will need access to each room in your house so he or she can locate possible entry points. A professional can pinpoint entry points that you might think is impossible for a mouse to squeeze through. For instance, a hole that is the same width around as a pencil is big enough for some mice to go through. Holes can be filled with a poisonous insulation material and closed up with caulk or another type of sealant product.

Make Your House Less Attractive to Mice

If there is anything in your house that is attracting mice, you must get rid of it. When it comes to building nests, mice are likely to be more attracted to a house that is cluttered. If you have piles of magazines, newspapers, or other paper products, it is something that the mice are attracted too. Even a closet that is packed with clothes can attract the rodents, as they use fabric for their nests. Food crumbs can also attract mice, so you must keep countertops and floors clean, as well as keep the garbage can empty.

Lay Out a Sufficient Amount of Bait Products

An exterminator can lay out bait and kill off the mice in your house. The specific type of bait that is used can vary, and it will depend on what you will allow. However, it is likely that more than one bait product will be used. The reason why is because some mice might know to avoid certain types of traps. For example, wooden mouse traps have been used for many years, so it is possible for a mouse to be smart enough to avoid trying to take the bait from them.  

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