How To Determine If Bed Bugs Are Present In Your Home

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Do you think bed bugs are living in your home? You might be worried because someone you know who has been to your home recently discovered they have bed bugs. It's possible for these bugs to spread from one home to another because they can crawl on all kinds of items, including purses, suitcases, backpacks, and even clothing, but that doesn't mean you have them. There are several ways for you to figure out if you've got bed bugs in your home.

Be Aware of Bites

Are you suddenly starting to find random bites on your body? These bites may look like mosquito bites, but there's a possibly that they're bed bug bites. Some people have reactions to these kinds of bites while other people don't, so it's not always possible to tell if you have bed bugs by going off of the number of bites you have, especially when there are other insects that bite. However, if you're noticing new bites every morning, there's a possibility the bed bugs are coming out at night, consuming blood, and then crawling away without leaving much evidence behind. Start keeping track of your bites by taking photos of them.

Sleep With a Flashlight

If you start to feel itchy in the middle of the night, it helps to have a flashlight by your bedside. Turn the flashlight on and look around the room. Check your bed sheets, bed frame, underneath the bed, and even on the walls. These bugs can and will crawl anywhere, but they like to stay close to their blood meal, so you may be able to spot some of the bugs on the bed or somewhere near your bed in the middle of the night.

Ask For Professional Help

If you're experiencing a number of bites and you still have concerns about the possibility of having bed bugs in the home, but you're not finding any evidence, you could always ask for professional help. A specialist who deals with bed bugs regularly would know what to look for when performing a full inspection, such as the casings and bedbug eggs. The specialist may check out some of the common areas where bed bugs tend to hide out while looking for any evidence. Some specialists even bring in dogs that are trained to sniff out rooms for the presence of these pests.

If bed bugs are found in your home, treatment should then begin. It's not as easy as spraying something down and watching the pests wither away in minutes. The specialist would need to come up with a full treatment plan to help you clear out the infestation. Visit a site like for more help.