Getting Rid Of Mice

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There are going to be many different types of pests that are going to try to enter your home at one point or another. One of the most common household pests is mice. These little rodents seem to find their way into most homes, and are relatively sneaky little pests. They only come out when people are not around, and you can truly have an infestation without even knowing it. There are a few signs that you have a mouse problem, fecal pellets, grease stains on floor boards, or sometimes you can hear them in the walls. This article is going to outline a few ways to get rid of mice.

Clean Your Home

Mice are attracted to many different types of food, and the fact that they are in your home means they found a food source that was worth coming into your home for. If you can find that food source and eliminate it, then you may keep other mice from coming into your home. You will not likely eliminate the mice that you currently have in your home but you might keep others from coming in. In the case of mice the fewer the better.


There are a few poisons that are on the market, and they are very effective at killing off rodents. The poison can usually be set out by some other food, and the mice will come by and snack on the poison. The poison will have a good odor to it, or it will taste good to the mouse. However, the poison will effectively kill any rodent that eats it. The one problem with poison is that the mouse will usually run off and die instead of die on the spot. Having a dead mouse in your home, that you are not able to find is not the best thing to have in your home.


A mouse trap is another very effective way to kill mice. The good news is that mice are very curious creatures and they will check out almost anything. Set the traps where you know that they have been eating. You should know this because there will generally be fecal pellets in the area. Once you find the area they have been eating, set the trap in such a way that they will not be able to get the bait without first climbing over the trigger of the trap. This is usually going to be perpendicular to any baseboard.

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