5 Things Homeowners Need To Know About Black Flies

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Mosquitoes aren't the only nuisance that you have to worry about when you're spending time in your backyard. Another type of flying, biting insect also has the potential to ruin a backyard barbecue. Here's what you need to know about black flies. 

Where are black flies found?

Black flies are found throughout Canada. They can even survive in the frigid regions of the Arctic! Their favourite habitats are near water, such as rivers or streams. They are also very common in wooded areas, especially in northern regions. You may encounter them in your backyard if you live near flowing water or a forest. 

What attracts them to your backyard?

Female black flies need the protein from blood to make eggs, just like mosquitoes do. They can sense the carbon dioxide you breathe out, and will be attracted to you. The females search for blood in swarms, so once one of them smells you, many black flies will make their way to your yard. 

Are black flies dangerous?

Unlike mosquitoes, black flies aren't known to spread diseases in Canada. In other parts of the world, they spread serious diseases such as River Blindness, but fortunately, this is not a concern in Canada. The worst thing that most people have to worry about from a black fly bite is the itch. Some people are allergic to black fly bites, and these people need to worry about allergic reactions, which can sometimes be serious or even fatal.

Do black flies infest houses?

Black flies may occasionally enter your house, but there's no reason for them to stay there. They feed on nectar, and only need to feed on blood when it's time to lay their eggs. The eggs need to be laid in flowing water. The best place to get nectar and flowing water is outside, so the black flies will stay out there. 

How can you get rid of them?

Black flies don't infest houses, but they definitely infest backyards! Getting them out of your backyard is difficult, but not impossible. The Farmer's Almanac recommends repelling them with scents such as vanilla extract or lavender. If that isn't enough, pest control companies can spray your backyard with insecticides. This treatment will also kill other flying insects in your yard. 

The black fly season is fairly short, so even without treatment, they won't be around for long. They are only found during the late spring and early summer.

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